The Libbey House Foundation

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The Libbey House Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated with the purpose of purchasing and renovating the Libbey House, and using the home as an interpretive learning center celebrating the past, present, and future of business innovation and collaboration in Northwest Ohio. 

The importance of innovation and business collaboration in the growth and development of Northwest Ohio cannot be understated. Yet, today, nowhere in the “Glass City” is this important history shared in a public venue. 

Our Mission

In many ways, the Libbey House is a valuable link to our community's past and future. The mission of the Libbey House Foundation is to:

  • Preserve and maintain the historical accuracy and integrity of the Libbey house, a National Historic Landmark;
  • Promote awareness of the social, cultural, and economic history of Northwest Ohio; and
  • Advance the future of business innovation by fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange between experts in various fields.

To develop programming and to present archival displays, the Libbey House Foundation has established a collaborative relationship with the Toledo Museum of Art and a partnership with the University of Toledo’s Ward M. Canaday Center and the Toledo History Museum. These important relationships will ensure the story of Northwest Ohio as a center for innovation and business collaboration is told accurately in a unique and fitting venue and advance the future of our community.