The Libbey House Foundation, a section 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Public Charity, is dedicated to the rehabilitation of this important National Historical Landmark.

Edward Drummond Libbey came to Toledo in 1888 from Boston, where he and his family owned the New England Glass Company. Mr. Libbey decided to move the company west to take advantage of Toledo’s plentiful natural gas and sand, both important resources for a glass manufacturer — as well as economical building sites and an enthusiastic labor force. Northwest Ohio welcomed Libbey with open arms. In fact, The Blade of August 17, 1988 wrote, “All Toledo welcomes you to the future glass center of the world!” In 1892, after firmly establishing the glass company in Toledo, Libbey changed the name of the business to The Libbey Glass Company.

In 1890, Edward Drummond Libbey married Florence Scott. They commissioned architect David L. Stine to design their home that was built at 2008 Scottwood Avenue in 1895. Today, this beautiful shingle and colonial revival style mansion is a major structure of Toledo’s Historic Old West End neighborhood.  Once restored, this National Historic Landmark will serve as a unique venue for the Libbey House Foundation to offer events and receptions on the first floor, and an education and conference center on the second and third floors.

In 2005, a committee was established to determine the feasibility of purchasing the former home of glass industry pioneer Edward Drummond Libbey and Florence Scott Libbey and preserving its landmark status. The committee worked with area experts to develop a report that was completed in September, 2006. Based on the committee’s recommendations, the Libbey House Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was incorporated with the purpose of preserving the Libbey House, and to share our important “Glass City” history in this National Historic Landmark.

The importance of the glass industrial revolution to the growth and development of Northwest Ohio cannot be understated. Yet, until now, nowhere in the “Glass City” was this important history shared in a public venue.

Our Mission

The Libbey House is Northwest Ohio’s link to glass history and technology. The mission of the Libbey House Foundation is to:

  • Establish an interpretive learning center that focuses on the past, present, and future of innovation and technology in Northwest Ohio;
  • Preserve and maintain the historical accuracy and integrity of the Libbey House, a National Historic Landmark , and an important part of Toledo’s Old West End Historic District, making up one of the largest neighborhoods of late Victorian, Edwardian, and Arts & Crafts homes left standing in the United States;
  • Promote awareness of the social, cultural, and economic history in Northwest Ohio;
  • Develop an understanding of the glass making processes, including the significant role Toledo-based entrepreneurs played in the improvement and transformation of the process; and
  • Advance the future of innovation through collaboration with experts in various fields.

To develop educational programming and to present archival displays, the Libbey House Foundation has established a collaborative relationship with the Toledo Museum of Art and a partnership with the University of Toledo’s Ward M. Canaday Center. These important relationships will ensure the story of Northwest Ohio’s innovative spirit is told accurately in a unique and fitting venue.

Board of Directors

  • Robert L. Zollweg, President
  • Steven E. Shrake AIA BO, Vice President
  • Tina Moffat, Secretary
  • Randy J. Cutcher, Treasurer
  • Wendy Daudelin
  • Yvonne E. Giddings
  • Sandy L. Shultz